At the Capaldi Research Lab, we innovate.

Together, we advance imaging biomarkers, motion management systems & quality assurance phantoms to guide, monitor & predict treatment response.

Recent News

  • Invited to give a PRO Quicktake on our tungsten filled 3D printed lung blocks paper in Practical Radiation Oncology!
  • Recently interviewed in the RSNA podcast series highlighting our Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging project which was also editorialized!
  • Recieved funding through the inaugural UCSF Radiation Oncology Physics Chiefs' Clinical Innovation Award for project entitled "Clinical Implementation of Tungsten Filled 3D Printed Lung Blocks for Total Body Irradiation"!
  • Our paper on a smartphone-based surface guidance system made it to the cover of Practical Radiation Oncology for March-April, 2024, Volume 14, Issue 2!
  • Paper accepted in Practical Radiation Oncology on the development of a smartphone-based application using LiDAR cameras with the potential to facilitate surface guided radiation therapy in low-resource centers!
  • Recently featured in the Cancer Center’s website & newsletter highlighting our cancer research project funded in the latest RAP cycle!
  • Paper accepted in Radiology: Cardiothoracic Imaging attempting to better understand the relationship between non-contrast enhanced free-breathing proton MRI-derived specific ventilation and the key components of airways disease in severe asthma by evaluating response to bronchodilator therapy and relationships with clinical biomarkers of Type 2 inflammation and airway dysfunction!
  • Paper accepted in Practical Radiation Oncology on the development of a streamlined method to create 3D-printed lung block shells and fill them with tungsten ball-bearings (BBs) to remove lead and improve overall accuracy in the block manufacturing workflow for patients receiving total body irradiation!
  • Received UCSF Spring 2023 RAP funding for project entitled “Smartphone-Based Surface Guidance in Radiation Therapy as an Emerging Paradigm in Personalized Cancer Care”!